Six Steps To Choose Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers play a crucial role on your wedding day as they speak out on your behalf. When it comes to choosing the right flowers for your big day, it needs a lot of precision and seriousness. This is simply because it’s your day and what you choose will out rightly give an impression about you. It is therefore necessary to have a guided view which will help you in choosing what you need and deserve on your wedding day. Outlined below are six simple and comprehendible steps to guide you in choosing the wedding flowers that best suits you and your wedding.

Establish a vision

This is the startup point for choosing wedding flowers. First of all, you should ask yourself, what theme is my wedding, what kind of flowers would I like? With the basics at hand, progress to establish a vision which is inspirational, simple and easy to implement. You can do this by looking wedding catalogues, bridal magazines and asking the experts for advice while comparing what you’d like or not.

Create a colorful concept

A colorful concept is all about the color and type of flowers you’ll choose. The brighter and colorful the flowers, the better the choice for your wedding. Furthermore, wedding are happy ceremonies which involve lively celebrations. Therefore, it is necessary to match up the flowers to the emotions associated with weddings thus enlivening the mood.


You do not want the flowers in your photos to appear like polka dots. This can be avoided by working on the flower combination and come up with a beautiful blend

Set a budget

Working on a budget is the best thing you could do. Floral expenses can get out of hand especially if you’re working on a big event and with a couple of people who really need the flowers i.e. bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen, the bride and groom. One thing brides and grooms should have at the back of their minds is that they need to work within their limits and not splurge too much.

Go with the season

The choice of floors you go for, is all based on your preference and taste. As much as you’re to look for inspiration and the season, remember that this is your day and what you like goes. However, go with the season for economic and availability reasons. Flowers in season are easy to get and at lower prices compared to flowers out of season which are out of season and will cost you a fortune if you find them. Nonetheless, don’t forget the choice is all yours.


You can use the same flowers to serve different purposes. For example, the flowers on the reception and head table can still be used elsewhere.

The design

The floral design will come in handy alongside the bridal gown. Mixing and matching is probably the best way to go but being daring is another option by contrasting the designs. It can prove hefty to come around the floral design but with a few insights from the experts and on your wedding gown, nailing the design will be the least of your worries. Find your perfect dress and creating a floral design will follow suite.

Floral setup

To accomplish a beautiful floral setup you don’t need to have too much flowers. Sometimes less can be more and give a perfect floral setup contrast to a bulky flower bouquet. As much as you’d like the floral setup to match with your wedding theme, let it be a complementing factor and not an overshadowing one.