Wedding Flowers Rules

Flowers are used in many occasions for beauty purposes and gifts - give a special rose to your beloved. In many cases they are strategically positioned and perfectly matched. This is the work of florists. Different weddings have different flower combinations. Below is a guide that will help one have the satisfactory flower combinations.

Be open-minded

Do not be rigid on a given flower type. There are those flowers whose availability depend on seasons and that is why one should be flexible and listen to the experts. Some flowers such as; hydrangeas, alstroemeria, orchids, callas, roses, and carnations, are obtainable all year round. In natural settings, yellow peonies are available only in August.

Bud shades are never exact

With the aid of a florist, one can be able to understand diverse undertones. Most people are often misguided by misleading photos online. Such photos can be affected by other factors such as lighting and should not be assumed to be 100% the way they appear in the pictures.


You do not want the flowers in your photos to appear like polka dots. This can be avoided by working on the flower combination and come up with a beautiful blend

Wedding bouquet

Apart from appearing in photos several years after your wedding you the bride with literally have this piece of flowers for most part of the wedding day. This bunch should be a priority piece just like the center- piece.

Single shade

Your budget can be tight but that should not stop you from going big. If you stick to a monochromatic color scheme, you will never go wrong.


You can use the same flowers to serve different purposes. For example, the flowers on the reception and head table can still be used elsewhere.


Have a budget and plan around it. Once there is a budget preparation becomes easier.

Modest bridesmaid bouquets

Start by having a manageable number of bridesmaids. Then make simple and less expensive bouquets for them compared to the bride. This will help you to cut on the budget. After all it’s the bride’s day!