Wedding Flowers In Different Seasons

Wedding are scheduled all ear round during different seasons of the year. And just as the times of year are different, so do they come with different seasons and different weathers. For every wedding, there is need of flowers. Well it is the dream of every bride to see a beautiful and adorable venue decorated with beautifully looking flowers. Because of this you should identify which flowers are suitable for the time of year you have chosen to have your wedding. You also need flowers that match your theme color. When the choice is done perfectly, you will have the best and beautiful flowers for your wedding. However, the flowers are not right, it may be a struggle to get them or even have them in the venue.

Some of the flowers you may want to consider are here:

Spring flowers

This is the time of the ear when things are blooming and getting back to life. It is the time when trees start looking alive and flowery again. So in this season, there are more choices than any other season. In the northern hemisphere it is between the months of March and may while in the southern hemisphere it is from September to November. Some of the best flowers for this time are such as the Agapanthus, apple blossom, dahlia, delwood, forsythia, liatrus, peony, phlox, protea, eucalyptus among many more. Other such as the Calla Lily is currently the go to spring bridal flower. In many wedding it has been used as the bridal bouquet as the bride walks down the aisle. I can be held as a single stalk or as a bunch, the choice is yours.

The Summer

The time when the heat has come out to play. When it is hot and warm even through the night. The weather that allows us to wear short and sunny dresses to the beach. Some of the flowers blooming during this time of the year are such as the Calla lily, Freesia, Kangaroo, Lilac, Heather, Casa Blanca Lily, Alstroemeria which grows all year round, Achemilla, Bouvardia, Delphinium, Dahila among many more flowers.

The Winter

This is the time of the year when there is a lot of snowing in the poles. It is when some of the animals go into hibernation. In the northern hemisphere it is from December to February while in the southern hemisphere it is from June to August. Some of the flowers blooming in this season are Acashia, the Alstroemeria, Holly berry, Carnation, Queens Ann’s Lace, the roses, statice etc.

Autumn flowers

Tulips originated in Persia. They are nostalgic flowers that represent both happy years and consuming love. They are perfect for a wedding; laden with splendor and yet meaningful. They are available in different colors; white and salve; vivacious hues like red, magenta, and purple; pastels such as yellow, pink, and peach. We have three types of tulips; Dutch tulips, parrot tulips and French tulips. They are perfect for table arrangements, bouquets and buttonholes.

For a bride, deciding on the theme color while also factoring in the time of the year is not an easy task. But once you see the venue all made up, it will be worth it all